Which Is the Best Personal Alarm for Elderly

Which Is the Best Personal Alarm for Elderly

Are your parents or grandparents home alone? An alarm for elderly is the best choice to protect them from scams and burglars and to offer them immediate assistance in the event of a domestic accident. Find out how it works!

Unfortunately, the elderly, especially those left alone in the room, are constant targets of bad people. In fact, there are many cases in the news about elderly people being involved in incidents of scams and robbery that have barely made their way out. As in this case, equipping the home with a secure and reliable alarm system is the real necessity. The home will also be equipped with surveillance cameras and remote-controlled devices. The pace of intervention is especially important for the elderly with walking difficulties, who are more likely to have accidents and falls in the household. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about alarms for the elderly.

Best Personal Alarm For Elderly

We have picked some useful personal alarm systems for elderly

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Life-saving wristband: Personal Alarm for Elderly and Disabled

Safety Alarm/Caregiver Pager Wireless Call Button/Emergency Pager/Panic Button

Lifeline24 Personal Fall Detector Alarm for The Elderly


Alarm SOS for Old People

Fall Help Alert Alarm SOS for Old People



Alarm For Elderly

personal alarm systems for elderly people

Protecting the elderly from burglars, scammers, and domestic accidents is possible thanks to the elderly alarm system, which can become increasingly technological but easy to use. This type of security device has features designed for the safety and emergency care of the elderly.

As we get older, stairs, bulky furniture, rugs, and outdated appliances can become “invisible” little weapons in our homes. For example, imagine a top floor. Over time, it becomes difficult for any elderly person to climb to the top floors and this can create a risk of falling. Or, more simply, think of a slight increase in the French windows on the balcony, the risk of stumbling is imminent. Or think about a bathroom: the risk of slipping or tripping while getting in can be very high for older people.

How can you help the elderly in an emergency and intervene in case of danger? With video surveillance. It is better if there is a connection to the Alarm Receiving Center. Remote video surveillance not only increases home security but is also useful for remote surveillance of elderly relatives who live alone. In fact, advanced CCTV cameras can be controlled remotely using smartphones and tablets. In addition, they can be installed in the nervous center of the house without the need for masonry work.


Alarm for Elderly when They Fall

Alarm for Elderly when They Fall

The fall season is the most dangerous time for elderly people to be out and about. If you have an aging loved one that lives on their own or with you, it’s important to make sure they are wearing a fall alert alarm at all times. These alarms can detect if someone has fallen or been injured in some way, and will sound an alarm so help can come quickly. Alarms like these are easy to wear around the neck or wrist, and should not get in the way of daily tasks like cooking or cleaning.

Below are 4 best personal alarms for elderly when they fall.

1. SureSafe Personal Alarm for Elderly When They Fall

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The SureSafe fall alarm is the perfect device to help an elderly person stay safe. This personal alarm has SOS button that is able to call the family or friends added as the nominated contacts within a touch! The best thing about this alarm is that it can be used by elderly people, children, disabled people and even pets. It comes with a wristband and also a pendant which makes it easy to wear on your neck. It’s a one-off purchase which means there are no monthly fees ever!


  • Add up to 3 nominated contacts
  • Waterproof
  • Uses landline
  • 50m pendant range


2. Acticheck Personal Alarm for Elderly

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Acticheck is a life-saving wristband that provides you with 3 alerts to help keep you safe – including an SOS call, fall alarm and ‘I’m OK’ check. The stylish, soft silicone wristband is comfortable, fully waterproof and has a 1 year battery life so help is always at hand. Acticheck can be linked to your smartphone via their app to provide you with extra peace of mind. For an additional feel, they also provide 24/6 response centre help to call any emergency services if none of the family members or friends isn’t able to pick up the call.


  • Has an online dashboard to track the wearer and whether the wearer is wearing the wristband
  • Capable of serving the same service even if the wear is outside
  • Waterproof


3. SureSafeGO GPS Tracker Fall Alert Alarm for Elderly

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SureSafeGO 2 is a GPS tracker and alarm for elderly people. It has two-way voice communication, automatic fall detection, add up to three nominated contacts and a one-touch SOS button. It means that when you are not at home the nominated contacts will be able to hear what’s going on with your loved one via the SureSafeGO 2 speaker or they can speak directly into it. With its Find Me Function if there is an emergency then the nominated contact can press the SOS button and it will send out an alert with their current location which means it’s the fastest way to get help.

The automatic fall detection feature is the best side of this alarm for elderly which is capable to alert the family and friends upon fall detection when the elderly is unable to press the SOS button.


  • Find Me function
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Add up to 3 nominated contacts
  • Waterproof

4. SureSafe Fall Help Alert Alarm for Old People

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Another fall alert alarm for the elderly from the SureSafe. With a touch of the SOS button, the alarm keeps calling the nominated family and friends until somebody picks up. It is available as a wristband or a pendant. You will need a landline for this to work. It’s a one-off purchase which means you don’t have to pay any fees monthly.


  • Add up to 3 nominated contacts
  • Waterproof
  • 50m pendant range


Remote Surveillance Camera for The Elderly


Video surveillance camera, an alarm system for the elderly that is easy to use, wireless, and connected to a 24-hour Alarm Receiving Center. Cloud Cam Pro camera captures HD photos which can be controlled at any time through our application. 24-hour connection to the Alarm Receiving Center allows immediate intervention in the event of a burglary.

The alarm center checks what happened in 60 seconds, calls the police, ambulance or fire department and sends security personnel to the scene. Thanks to this system, we can see in real-time what is happening at the homes of our elderly relatives. In an emergency, not only do we have the opportunity to intervene, but we also have the assurance that there is always someone doing it for us.



Life-Saving System for The Elderly


Apart from the video surveillance system, another alarm device which is widely used for the elderly is the SOS Panic Alarm. Wonder what is it about? There are several types of lifesaver devices in the elderly market, all of which have similar basic functions. These are often portable items equipped with an SOS Panic button which when the button is pressed sends a signal to our alarm receiving center and provides the necessary assistance immediately.

Here is how this security system works for the elderly:

  • Life-saving devices connected to the telephone line: once the button is pressed, calls are made to pre-loaded telephone number lists. In the event of a power failure, the device will not work.
  • Lifesaving devices connected wirelessly: once the button is pressed, calls are made to pre-loaded telephone numbers. The advantage is the use of the SIM card, in this case in fact, if the electricity fails, the device will continue to work.
  • Wireless life-saving devices connected to Alarm Receiving Center: once the emergency button is pressed, the Alarm Receiving Center is immediately alerted. Then we activate the rescue team immediately.


Alarm Receiving Center: How we do it

No matter which alarm you choose for the elderly, the most important common factor is always the same: the speed of the rescue operation. In the previous section, we looked at how video surveillance systems can be useful for checking in real-time what’s going on at home. In the case of Lifesaver, we’ve seen the convenience of equipping the elderly with a portable device with the SOS button. The questions we must ask ourselves at this point are: What use is so much technology if no one can intervene quickly when they need help?

We know that in case of danger and emergency, the only solution is direct human intervention. For this reason, each alarm system is linked to its own 24-hour operation center, which is certified and monitored by special guards. Our security staff monitors what is happening at home in real-time by doing 24-hour monitoring. If necessary (theft, domestic accident, medical emergency) they immediately call the police, fire, or medical staff and send guards to the crime scene.


The benefits of using a personal alarm for elderly

It’s a tough decision deciding whether or not to buy your elderly parent a personal safety alarm, but it may be the best decision you can make. Not only are they more likely to fall and have medical emergencies when left alone in the home, there is also an increased risk of being targeted for crime. Personal alarms provide peace of mind knowing that someone will come running if something goes wrong.

It helps to reduce the risk of falls which may lead to injury. When a person is in their home and they feel unsafe or uneasy, they can activate an alarm which will scare off intruders and help them get back on their feet quickly. If you have elderly parents who live by themselves, this could be perfect for them!

Elderly people are more likely to experience depression which unfortunately leads many of them into suicidal thoughts as well. By having an alarm system installed at home, it provides comfort knowing that someone will come running if there’s any type of emergency situation which arises. This might not seem like a big deal but when senior citizens suffer from chronic pain all day long everyday, these small things can really make all the difference in their lives.

Here are some more benefits of using a personal alarm:

  1. It provides safety from falls, medical emergencies and crimes against the elderly individual
  2. Personal alarms help reduce caregiver stress by allowing them to know where their loved one is at all times
  3. A person with dementia may wander off from time to time because they become overwhelmed with confusion


Is it worth to buy personal alarm system for elderly?

It is absolutely worth to buy a personal alarm for elderly. One thing people should do before buying an alarm system is make sure they know what features are more important for their particular situation. For example, if someone has certain medical conditions or physical handicaps which limit mobility then a door alarm would be very useful because it can help them get out in case of fire or other emergencies which might happen inside the home.

Another good option for seniors with limited mobility could be Wi-Fi enabled personal alarms which allow them to monitor their surroundings even when they’re not at home and don’t have access to television sets and radios anymore. The best part about these devices is that they work without any special installation which makes them very easy to use.

Another good personal alarm devices for seniors which is worth mentioning are the ones which can be contacted in case of emergencies and which offer medical alert service as well. The latter gives peace of mind not only because it can help people with limited mobility get out but also make sure they’re getting proper treatment if there’s a need for any first aid or assistance from emergency personnel.

The last type that has been mentioned here today are monitored alarms which have a 24-hour monitoring system triggered by one wrong entry into the home, namely an intruder entering without permission and disturbing its inhabitants’ sleep or work schedule – this would then trigger alerts directly at their bedside monitors, regardless of where they might be located within the building.

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