Monitored Alarm Systems UK

Monitored Alarm Systems UK

Best monitored home security systems in the UK

Everyone has the right to feel safe. There is also an easy way to get there: Monitored alarm systems for the home or business protects against burglars. We integrate a modern wireless alarm system with the service of real-time monitoring . The alarm system reacts to emergencies: burglary, fire, flood or a health emergency - we are there for you. Because our emergency and service control center looks after the alarm system around the clock. This is how we guarantee your safety and that of your property and loved ones.

Why choose us as your monitored alarm systems provider

Our alarm system is an integrated security system that uses the most innovative technology to ensure protection for all types of homes and businesses. We are a leader in the security sector, with 30 years of experience and nearly 3.2 million satisfied customers across Europe who rely on us to protect their homes and businesses.

Our monitored alarm systems combine different types of devices to protect your home/business and prevent burglary. Our strategy has three objectives: preventing intrusion, detecting intrusion, and providing a fast and effective solution to all customer incidents. To ensure the efficiency of our installations, we evaluate the needs of each client taking into account the risks and individual characteristics associated with each property. Once a custom security system has been developed, setup is quick, clean and easy without wires (all our connections are wireless) or it requires work.

Wireless Alarm System

This is how our monitored alarm systems work

alarm service center

Emergency & service control center team

Our emergency management and service center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Control center staff answers to every alarm message within a few seconds.

Emergency Police

Emergency call: police, fire brigade or ambulance service

We check every alarm message quickly and efficiently. We'll send you assistance as soon as we confirm a breach or other alarm incident at your home or business.

Quick Help

Quick help: the security service is coming

We will also send the security service on the way if any break-in is attempted. The security guards stay on site until the situation is safe again.

alarm system guarantee

Guarantee on your alarm system

Warranty, parts and repair service are included with our monitored alarm system. Free software updates keep security technology up to date.

Phone Control

Smart security solution with app

With our security app, you will be able to maintain and monitor your home security from anywhere in the world.

We offer monitored alarm systems that meet the highest technical standards and protect your property safely. But that's not enough for us: only our security services make us a reliable partner and guarantee the individual protection you need.

In an emergency, we are on the scene quickly and alert the police and fire department. With our own personal support and security services. Around the clock.

Wireless Burglar Alarm System

There are many benefits of having wireless burglar alarm system whilst it is also an ideal choice. With wireless alarm system, you are in a hassle-free world. If you are a renter or moving house often then this can be best option for you.You can install a wireless system anywhere at your home and control it from anywhere in the world using just your phone.

The installation is quite easy and hassle-free compared to the wired alarm system. Just find a spot, place the alarm system there, that's all!Wireless burglar alarm system is stable to any other external devices, such as motion detector, sensor detector, smoke detector and cameras. You can control them all through your alarm system from your phone.

Unsurprisingly, there are also some cons of using wireless burglar alarm system. For example, the wireless burglar alarm system runs on battery, so you will have to check it periodically so that it never goes of due to low battery.Since it's on network, the hackers can easily interrupt the network and shut it down and sometimes it may leave exposed.

But not to be worry, it only happens with outdated alarm system. So no need to take it as that 'big deal'.

How does our alarm security system works

Monitored Alarm Systems UK

The control panel is the primary module that controls the burglar alarm, a device specially designed to ensure extra safety in the home or business. Its portability most effective in case of emergency and its high sensitivity microphone lets you always hold in contact with the Alarm Receiving Center, intervening directly in case of need.

By pressing the SOS button, contact is established with the Alarm Receiving Center to request necessary assistance. With the control panel, the telephone line is not needed as it includes a Sim card which ensures encrypted 3G communication. The device is wireless, ready with a 48h backup battery to avoid any tampering with the electricity.

Before going to sleep, you can activate the night mode by pressing a simple button.

The motion sensor , integrated with color camera, is the essential element to affirm the danger signal and, in case of intrusion, sends pics of what's going on to discover the intruder, thus removing the risk of fake alarms . Its integrated flash lets in identity even in situations of entire darkness.

In addition, out of your smartphone you may additionally record and see what's going on in your home If you're away from home or even inside, the shock sensor will shield you by detecting the intruder before they break into your home. Its shock, vibration and inertia sensor has been designed to shield all accesses to your home or business, such as doors, windows.

The modern aspect of our monitored alarm is its ease of use thanks to the smart keys, which assist you to activate and deactivate the alarm when you enter or leave the residence while not having to memorize codes and additionally allowing you to know who enters and leaves the house.

We offer video surveillance with state-of-the-art security cameras that always record what happens, also guaranteeing remote control of other systems.

smart alarm system banner

Monitored alarm system cost UK

A monitored wireless alarm system is a little more expensive than a standard wireless alarm system, but it is worth the investment. An alarm system is a security measure that many people take to ensure their peace of mind. The cost for an alarm monitoring service can vary depending on the type you choose and also it varies on the type of the property you have. Once you confirm us as your home security alarm system provider, one of our engineer goes to your place and measure the requirements, such as what type of alarm system you would need and where to place them etc. Then our engineer calculate the cost to you for your monitored alarm systems.

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