How to Secure Your Home UK

How to Secure Your Home UK [9 best home security tips]

Home security is a top priority for home owners, which is why ensuring home security is of utmost importance.

Home security refers to a combination of non-human or electronic components that work together to protect the home.

Home security systems protect entry points such as doors and windows as well as interiors with valuables such as art, tools, jewelry, and documents. They are used to carrying out certain activities if the protected area is violated. What your system does in the event of a crash depends on the type used.


How to Secure Your Home

Property crime is on the rise and people worry every day about protecting their property from intruders. It is reported that a thief occurs every 26 seconds worldwide. This is a terrible and concerning statistic.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time employee, home is a place to relax and a home to after a long tiring day.

You don’t want intruders to disturb your night’s sleep, do you? There are several ways to set up maximum protection for your home. traditional methods and advanced technological methods.

We provide tips on how to use both methods in your home to ensure adequate safety.


The 9 Best Home Security Tips to Secure Your Home

1. Install smart alarm
To protect your home, you must consciously take the appropriate action. Consider installing a wireless alarm system that will activate in case of intruders.

2. Update locks
The quality of door locks varies; Some perform a safety function better than others. Over time, thieves learned about the key and described how to manipulate it to gain access to their home. It is important to keep up with the latest locks on the market as they come with an updated system which a thief cannot easily break.

3. Keep windows protected
Even if your door is protected with the best and newest locks, leaving the windows open would be a serious mistake. It’s like trying to hide carrots from rabbits by holding them in their holes.

Always remember to lock the windows whenever you leave the house to ensure maximum home security.

In hot weather, it is important not to leave windows open at night as this is an easy entry for thieves. Perform regular maintenance on your windows to ensure that rusted locks and frames are replaced on time.

4. Hide the valuables
“Out of sight is insane.” The easiest way to catch fish is by using bait. Likewise, the easiest way to attract thieves is to show them something was “stolen.” Keep your valuables like jewelry and expensive gadgets out of sight. Successful thieves cannot resist the urge to steal when given the opportunity.

5. Avoid party triggers
When you are away from home for days, weeks, or months, do things that will make passersby realize that the house is empty. It’s easier for thieves to break into your home and take your belongings when you’re not there to disturb them.

Cancel deliveries of milk or newspapers so they don’t accumulate at your door. Ask someone to help you cut the grass if it gets overgrown and collect the pillars that will pile up.

Avoid disclosing your home away from home on social media platforms. Your predator may be on your contact list.

Technical tips for home safety

With the birth of the Internet of Things (IoT), making smart homes is easier than ever. You can control door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, sockets, ovens, and much more with the apps on your smartphone. Easy, convenient and affordable.

6. Control panel
The control panel acts as the main switch controlling all other security systems installed in the house. You can activate and deactivate surveillance cameras and alarm systems via the control panel. All your passwords are stored in the Control Panel in case you need to reset or reset your password at any time.

If the activated security zone is breached, the alarm system communicates with the control panel, which then reports the breach to the alarm monitoring company. The control panel is very important because it acts as a simplified interface for monitoring all home security devices at the same time.

7. Sensors for doors and windows
The door and window sensors work simultaneously and have two parts that are attached side by side. One aspect of the sensor is fixed to the door or window and the other aspect is attached to the door frame or window sill.

The two sensor halves together form a safety circuit whenever the door or window is closed. This safety circuit can be switched on or off via the control panel.

The security panel is damaged if the door or window is damaged. This will activate an alarm and notify the supervisory company.

8. Security cameras
The big advantage of a security camera is that it can be used outside the home. The easiest way is to access it remotely on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Surveillance cameras are best for monitoring supplies and other service personnel such as nannies and gardeners, as well as monitoring children after school and checking for criminals who are lurking.

You can later scroll through the video to record your neighborhood events while you are away.

Surveillance cameras are great devices for home security as the recording feature helps identify the personal or physical characteristics of thieves or their surveillance vehicle registration number.

9. Panic button
On several occasions, thieves broke into their homes and confiscated their belongings before security personnel could reach them. The panic button will help solve this problem. When you sense imminent danger, you can use the panic button to quickly and easily alert emergency services to come to your aid. It is advisable to keep it near your bedroom and where it can be seen at night.


best home security tips

Advantages of Home Security System

You see what it takes to protect your home with traditional security measures and technology. Let’s briefly summarize the main benefits of using a home security system.

If you are not or at home, any security breach activates your control panel to send automated messages or calls to the nearest emergency operator. The police or other rescuers will be notified even if you are not home.

Maybe you forgot to close the door or window. The entry sensor will alert you if you enter the house from anywhere. You can also be notified when someone is found or traffic is detected. This is how you can register and make sure that everything is in order at home.

With components like surveillance cameras and alarm systems, you can control your home while on the move. With a connected smartphone, you can broadcast live events in your home environment and activate your alarm if you suspect something is suspicious.


Disadvantages of Home Security System

The home security system is heavily subsidized, which makes it very expensive. Some components can cost up to £400 to install. When there are about 10-15 components to install, it can be expensive.

There are cases of false positives and false positives. In such a case, the emergency services seem to have only realized that it was a faulty detection. This can reverse and influence their motivation when they receive distress signals from home.

Forgetting to activate your security system is more or less the same as not installing it. At this point, you become vulnerable to attacks on your home. People often report that they have difficulty remembering to arm their security systems when leaving their homes, rendering the entire system unusable.

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