ZERO Vision Alarm

ZERO Vision Alarm

3G Alarm Control Panel

If They Can’t See, They Can’t Steal!

Burglars have the ability to pick locks, inhibit signals, and cut powerlines, among many other techniques to take what isn’t theirs. These techniques have one common tool that burglars need and can’t function without – their vision. At Plural Alarms, we strive to offer our customers the highest levels of protection and create as many obstacles as possible to burglars. Thus, we have designed the new ZeroVision Alarm to impair the burglar’s vision before they have a chance to identify what they plan to steal. This alarm has been specifically designed to allow us to act in situ after a verified intrusion and prevent a burglary by creating a zero-visibility situation through the creation of a dense, bothersome fog.The ZeroVision alarm is only activated remotely after we verify there is an intrusion by professionals from our NSI certified Alarm Receiving Centre, eliminating the risk of false alarms. Once the alarm is activated, the device expels a dense, bothersome fog that will generate a zero-visibility situation in only a few seconds, impairing the burglar’s vision and protecting the premises until the police or guard arrives at the premises.


Weight 830 g
Dimensions 102x102x147 mm
(height x width x length)
Trigger Professionally activated exclusively from our Alarm Receiving Centre
Toxicity Not toxic to humans or animals thanks to Plural Alarms’s unique technology Connectivity Wireless
Warranty Maintenance support included. Lifetime-guarantee.
Certification The ZeroVision Alarm is Grade 2 certified and is accredited with the highest standard certifications in the industry