Best Home Security System UK

Review of The 5 Best Home Security System UK in 2021

Having the best home security system is the best way to protect your family and home from burglars, intruders, and other dangers. A good home security system will also provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. In this article we are going to talk about some of the best security systems on the market today so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

Up until the year 2020, the burglary rate in the UK was over 402 thousands. The world is everyone’s oyster that gives individuals the liberty to do whatever they want, including commit heinous crimes.

For those of you who are faint-hearted like me and want to stay out of the jaws of death, it’s high time you attain the best home security system UK. In case you are on vacation and you intend to safeguard your precious items at home, a top-notch security system is an essential protective system you require.

We bet everybody is asking one particular question, where do you begin your journey to ultimate safety? Well, we are here to make the task easier by independently testing the professional-grade security options available for you.

Our target is to bring forth the options most suitable to your situation. And by doing so, provide you with maximum safety even when you are away from home. With the advanced technological innovations, you can easily keep an eye out and monitor invaders’ entrance at your place.


Are Smart Alarms Any Good As Home Security System?

As the capitalist world dwells further, individuals trespassing for stealing has become rampant. You can’t help but wonder what technological revolution might make this unwelcomed circumstance cease to exist.

If you compare smart alarms with conventional systems, you will figure you can control the home security system from your phone. As a result, you can efficiently turn the alarm on and off.

The smart security system requires the assistance of Wi-Fi to connect to the whole house system. Therefore, along with the motion sensors and a security camera, you can monitor the home effectively.

Although we take pride in the invention of alarm systems for security, most of the smart options accessible do not follow the European Standard and require you to install them yourself. Hence, it isn’t easy to find something that conforms to the insurance companies.

These companies mandate that the smart alarm systems comply with the European Standard EN 50131. Most importantly, the mounting process requires you to hire an NSI or SSAIB licensed fitter.


Feature to Look for Before Buying Home Security Systems UK

Suppose you are unwilling to comply with a steadfast home security system. In that case, you may want to look at the wireless options that allow you to connect to several monitoring devices.

However, you will have a hard time making the right purchase without information on the features. Let’s look at the most important attributes you need to keep in mind.


Key Fobs, Keypad, and Control Panel

You may assume that an intelligent system may not demand the assistance of an operating panel. As long as you can connect the base station with your mobile device, it’s all good.

It is not the case in terms of a home security system; the inclusion of a control panel authorizes you to readily disarm the system if the sensor is pet-sensitive or when a housekeeper enters your home.


Abundance of Sensors

Like us, most of you may have a prominent misconception about sensors: the motion sensor is the only existent detector for trespassers. Of course, detecting the intruder’s movement and alerting the householder is an essential task.

However, sensors like contact detectors positioned in the doors and windows trigger the alarm system instantly when opened or closed. Subsequently, photodetector and glass-break sensors are a fundamental addition to your security system for an increased level of sense of security.


Quick and Easy Installation

Most of the home security systems grant you swift and elementary self-installation service. As a consequence, you can economize as booking a professional installer can get a little expensive.

That said, some comprehensive home security system requires you to hire an accredited fitter in order to enable superior and unbending service.


Battery Life

Battery life is a vital element of an alarm system because you may sustain a power outage or electrical disconnection at times. Bear in mind, there is nothing as important as your safety.

Therefore, you must purchase a system that offers a considerable amount of battery backup. Besides, some base stations stay online for over 24 hours during a power cut.


Suitability with Additional Monitoring Devices

Almost all the options mentioned below provides you with a set of devices that operates to protect your home. Regardless, you may want to expand the number of monitoring devices. Thus, it would be best if you kept a keen eye on options compatible with other devices.

If you choose correctly, you can also acquire a home security system that permits you to connect to other smart devices present within your vicinity.


Types of Home Security Services

By the time we are done informing you about the prime details on home security services, burglars will already rob several houses in the UK. Let that settle in before you get nifty about the knowledge on the types of home security systems.

Figuring out the type and determining the most appropriate option is not an easy task. Hence, we are here to guide you through various platforms before making a final purchase.


Self-Monitored Security System

We can assure you of absolutely no delay regarding the notification and response time of the self-monitored system. Your smartphone will chime up as soon as a person’s motion is detected so that you can make a quick call and inquire about the situation at home.

Consequently, the mounting and dismounting process is simple and straightforward, to put it mildly. On the contrary, a self-monitored system only functions within a Wi-Fi range, which is unreliable considering power outage.

Most importantly, if you are somewhere where the network does not reach, you can miss out on a potential intruder attack. Despite everything, this security system is budget-friendly.


Company-Monitored Security System

A company-monitored home security system provides expert-level protection with wide coverage. You will need a professional installer to fit the security system.

The exceptional backup battery life awarded by this system ensures superior performance during power failures. As soon as the siren goes off, the authorities call you over the phone for confirmation and send help without delay.

If anything, false alarms are a significant issue of company-monitored systems. Under any circumstance, if the dispatched polices find a false alarm, you can get charged for it. Even more concerning issue is the inclusion of a monthly fee system, which can get a little expensive.

Which Home Security Systems Are the Best in The UK

So if you are really wondering which home security systems are the best in the UK, then I suggest you to think twice, what exactly you need as a home security system? There are so many options on the market today that it can be difficult to decide what will work best for you and your family’s needs.

But no worries! Because we have picked the best home security systems in the UK by researching on the web and from personal experiences so that you don’t have to do them!

And here are those best home security systems:

  1. Verisure
  2. Simplisafe
  3. Yale
  4. Ring Alarm
  5. Blink Indoor

Now as we know these are the best systems for home security, let us read go through this article and learn more about them why they are the best home security systems in the UK and why you should select any of these as your home security system!

5 Best Home Security System UK

So far, you have a comprehensive idea about home security systems. We believe it’s already evident in your mind about the specifications of the options available. So, let’s make haste and dive into the main segment.


  1. Verisure Monitoring Alarm System

Best Home Security System UK

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Without a doubt, we begin with the best option among all the home security systems UK. This pet-friendly alarm system offers you two sirens that you can mount with ease and convenience. In fact, you will attain a panic button that immediately sends a distress signal.

Fundamentally, we noticed the included motion sensor detects contact and shock on the doors and windows.

Above all else, the photodetector senses light and converts it into electrical signals, ensuring optimal protection from invaders. You can also keep continuous surveillance through the inclusion of a camera.

Similarly, the base station is portable and connects all the other devices to it for proper functionality. We could use this security system to communicate from the outside due to the two-way audio feature. Much like the rest of the options, you can easily connect this product to your mobile device.

Also, the addition of an app eliminates any potential hassle. Principally, you will need an authorized installer for the mounting procedure of this NSI accredited security system, and the overall process takes about 24 hours.

The most important integration is the ZeroVision that purges smoke to blur any potential burglar’s vision.

Besides, the alarm triggers within 45 seconds, and the round-the-clock guard responds immediately, which provided us with an enriched sense of security. Furthermore, the smoke alarm is an exclusive inclusion to this top-of-the-line product.


Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Voice Assistant: No
  • Highest Volume: 105db
  • Pieces: ZeroVision, portable control board, photodetector, shock and contact sensors, smart key reader, siren, stickers, key fobs, smoke alarm, SOS button, and camera
  • Battery Backup: 24 hours


2. SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Home Security System


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Almost always, we had a kind of issue with our regular home security system; the sensors blasted as soon as a dog or cat passed by, which was ironic because we had one. However, you can altogether avoid any mistake with this option since its ergonomic design only senses the human body heat.

On the other hand, the product allows you to have a user-friendly self-installation process. Regarding the durability of the smart home security systems UK, we noticed it is astonishingly shatter-proof.

More critically, through the means of Wi-Fi, you can connect the device with Alexa and Google Assistant. If there is a problem with the Wi-Fi and it disconnects, the security system provides a backup of 4G data for operation.

The 13-piece security system comes with an exceptional range of sensors, including three entrance sensors, two motion sensors, one sensor for shattered glass, and the 105db alert siren to indicate. Subsequently, the included base station assists for 24 hours on battery backup.

Even more so, the keypad allows you to control the system, and the additional camera helps you keep a lookout from the outside. We particularly approve of the panic button in case of emergencies. And the inclusion of key fobs for easy access to the devices is undoubtedly praiseworthy.


Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Voice Assistant: Yes
  • Highest Volume: 105db
  • Pieces: Base station, control pad, camera, entry sensors, motion sensors, glass-shatter sensor, siren, panic button, and key fobs
  • Battery Backup: 24 hours


  1. Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Security Alarm, 6 Piece Kit

Yale IA-320 Sync Smart Home Security Alarm


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Who does not want a home security system that awakens by a single whisper of an intruder? This device’s range is as high as 200m, covering a wide array of your peripheral area. You can throw your worries out the window, along with the thoughts of the intruders during vacation.

This specific product enables you to connect the smart hub with voice assistance, such as Alexa, and keep a keen eye on unlocking and locking doors and windows by simply installing the Yale Home App on your smartphone. As it happens, this option lets you connect up to 40 additional protective devices.

Your home remains under your supervision even when you are far away. Consequently, you can control both the internal and external sirens and the alarm system through voice assistance.

Since the 6-component product is wireless, the installation method is pretty basic and requires little to no effort. You can cut down on the extra expenses of security contracts and get this exceptional product that comprises a handy keypad.

Besides, the incorporated passive infrared sensor detects trespassers’ entrance and leaves the cute little pets alone. With a few taps on your phone, you can arm and disarm your alarm system; what a convenient world it is.


Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Voice Assistant: Yes
  • Highest Volume: 100db
  • Pieces: Smart hub, internal and external siren, two PIR motion detectors, keypad, and door/window sensor
  • Battery Backup: 8 hours


  1. Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit (1st Generation) by Amazon

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Home Security System

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The five components included in this kit are premium-quality, to say the least. As far as the best home security system is concerned, this option’s contact sensor alerts you if someone unfastens the doors and windows. Moreover, you can pair this system’s base station with other additional security devices.

Among all other things, the smart hub provides a backup of 24 hours. And the wireless connection allows links with all the devices, including your very own smartphone. As soon as the base station goes online, your home is ready to fend off burglars. Just install the free Ring app for quick and easy monitoring.

Convenience is the key attribute of this particular product. It turns out, the ergonomic keypad installed inside your home lets you activate and deactivate the whole system if perchance your smartphone is not around. Like any other wireless tool, the fitting procedure is a piece of cake without an installer’s help.

If you are more comfortable with voice assistance compatible devices, you will surely like Alexa’s interruption to notify you when the motion sensor requires recharging. At any rate, the company is very wary of unnecessary notification, so the system only detects a human intruder.

Not to mention, you can voice command the device to disable and enable it. This cost-effective option saves you from an ironclad commitment to home security services. With the range extender’s inclusion, we guarantee the entire system avoids disconnection no matter the range.


Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Voice Assistant: Yes
  • Highest Volume: 104db
  • Pieces: A smart hub, motion detector, keypad, and door/window detector
  • Battery Backup: 24 hours



  1. Blink Indoor | Wireless, HD security camera

Blink Indoor Wireless Home Security

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What could be better than being a peeping Tom at your own place? By this, we suggest that through the camera’s lens, you can keep tabs on your house when you are on a business trip away from home. As it happens, this security system encompasses a nifty device incorporating vision and motion sensors within.

Predominantly, this 3-security camera system allows you to detect infrared radiation when the lights turn off. On top of that, the wireless device runs on batteries, which solves installation problems and increases efficiency.

The kit comes with a set of AA lithium batteries that vouches to function for over two years. As soon as you install the Blink monitor app, you will start getting notifications when your sensor detects motion.

This option is by far the most remarkable as you can communicate by using the two-way audio feature. Not only that, compared to all home security systems, only this product allows live reporting of your home for a short period.

As previously mentioned, the wireless device is easy to mount and, above all, does not require the assistance of an installer. You can utilize voice commands to operate the device, as the product is suitable with voice assistance systems like Alexa and Google Assistant.


Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Voice Assistant: Yes
  • Highest Volume: No siren
  • Pieces: 3 cameras
  • Battery Backup: 2 years


FAQs For Home Security Systems UK

Q: What do I need to set up my home security system?

A: Well, it should not be that difficult to install home security by yourself as long as it is a wireless system. Although, you may not be a tech savvy and may still require a little guidance then it is recommended to hire someone who’s good at this or seek help from your home security system provider via chat or call.

Q: How do I know which home security system to choose?

A: You should consider how much money you’re willing to spend and what kind of home security service you want. If all that matters is having someone contact authorities if there’s a break-in at night while most people are asleep, then an unmonitored system may suffice with just a good lock on your door and windows. On the other hand, if protection from intruders during normal hours as well as security against vandalism is desired, then a monitored system might make more sense because it provides 24/hour surveillance.

Q: What are the benefits of monitored home security system?

A: A monitored home security system is a good choice for people who live in rural areas because it offers protection from intrusion during both normal hours and at night, when most residents are sleeping; or those with large amounts of valuables on their property that they need to safeguard 24/hours a day. The person you hire as your security provider can also provide extra services like access control if necessary. They should be able to help you decide which features will work best in your home or business environment and install them properly too.

Q: Can I have more than one type of alarm installed?

A: You may want an audible alarm connected (via radio) to the central station so that the security company can dispatch the police, fire department or ambulance in case of a break-in. You may also want to have an alarm that is connected to your home so you will know when someone enters without permission and can take action accordingly.

A modern home security system often includes both audible alarms (connected via radio) and burglary detectors/alarms on doors, windows or other points of entry like sliding patio door alarms for example.

Q: What are components found in all home security systems?

A: The two main components at least include some type of detection device such as motion sensors which warn you if someone moves inside while you’re away or smoke detector which alerts authorities from a house fire plus interior locks on exterior access points like garage doors and windows.

Q: How big of a house do I need to have monitored security?

A: You will want at least one alarm per floor in your home, plus outdoor sensors on the perimeter of your property line such as an infrared beam or glass break sensor for example. For larger homes with multiple levels, it’s recommended that you install up to six alarms inside and outside the structure including door/window contacts (which can be set off by any type of opening) motion detectors, flood and freeze sensors which sound when water is detected inside the walls from leaking pipes or frozen ground respectively plus smoke detectors installed throughout.

The bigger the dwelling – typically speaking – the more sophisticated burglars are likely going to be so additional protection measures like steel bars and reinforced doors are a must.

Final Words

If only purchasing a top-notch alarm system was a walk in the park! Well, we cannot expect to find the best home security system UK without a bit of research. And from our point of view, we are giddy about the Verisure Alarm System.

Why, you may ask? To begin with, the customer service is indubitably among the best. And no other options meet the standard or range of monitoring devices provided by this home security system.

However, there are some aspects that you need to clarify before the purchase, and perhaps, your situation is more suitable with the other options listed above. Nevertheless, it’s high time you pick out your choice and keep your home from harm’s way.

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