High-Power Siren

High-Power Siren

High-Power Siren

Can't be disabled!

A major obstacle. It works independently from the control panel, making it difficult for intruders to disable. The Alarm's High Power Siren not only scare off burglars, but also alerts your neighbours.

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What is an Alarm Siren

An alarm siren is a loud sound that is often used in an alarm system, warning people of an imminent burglary or fire. It can be used to warn of danger or to attract attention to something or someone.

Alarm sirens are designed to do both of these things. They are devices that make loud noises to alert people in the vicinity. In this way, they act as a warning device for a particular area or property.


How Does an Alarm Siren Works?

On the whole, alarm sirens work by generating sound waves. These waves have certain characteristics which are different from the sound waves generated by everyday sources.

One of the most common of these characteristics is that the sound waves of alarm sirens do not dissipate with time. For example, if a burglar tries to break into your house while you are away, the burglar will hear a continuous alarm siren even after he has left your property.

In addition to this, the alarm siren will continue to attract attention to your home and may prevent burglars or other unwanted intruders from coming inside your home.

In the case of the Alarm, the siren is activated when an unauthorized entry is detected. It is set to a very high-pitch, which enables it to be heard throughout the home.


Alarm Siren Advantages

There are many benefits to having an alarm siren in your home. The first benefit is that the sound of the alarm siren warns any potential intruders that there is someone at home.

This warning gives people a chance to decide whether they want to break into your property. Another benefit of the alarm siren is that it is designed to alert you about any unauthorized entry.

This is useful in the case of a house invasion, where intruders may have a weapon, or where the intruders have a lot of time on their hands. In this way, the alarm siren alerts you and your family that there is a threat.

The high-pitch siren makes a loud sound and can be heard from anywhere in the house. Therefore, it is not necessary for a burglar to get into your home before he/she hears the siren.

In this way, the burglar will not have the opportunity to steal your belongings because he/she is distracted by the sound of the alarm siren. This makes the siren a very effective deterrent against burglars.

The siren can also be used to protect you in an emergency. For example, if you were asleep in bed when you heard the siren, you would know immediately that something was wrong and you would be able to act accordingly.


High Power Alarm Siren Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of using an alarm siren is that it is extremely loud. If your house is located in a residential area, then most likely your house will be surrounded by other houses.

In this case, the sound of your alarm siren will travel easily throughout your neighbourhood.

Therefore, if you have a particularly loud alarm siren, then it will be possible for your neighbours to hear it.

This means that your alarm siren may cause problems for you, especially if you have a quiet neighbourhood.


Sometimes it can be illegal to install an alarm siren without a permission so make sure to take a permit from the authority and inform your neighbourhood to see if they are cool with it.



Weight 150 g
Dimensions 120x120x40 mm
(height x width x length)
Connectivity Wireless
Power 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries


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