5 reasons to install a professional wireless alarm system

5 Reasons To Install A Professional Wireless Alarm System

Install a professional wireless alarm because it’s worth it

Installing a professional wireless alarm is a better solution than installing a wired theft alarm. There are many factors behind this conclusion, including:

  • absence of cables in the wireless system.
  • easy installation, which can also be done independently and without the need for a special technician.
  • Immediate protection from the first time the system is installed.
  • Control using just your phone from anywhere in the world.

If you don’t want to waste time and money, a professional wireless alarm is recommended: an alarm is actually a system consisting of high-quality and reliable components.



Install a professional wireless alarm: low power consumption and short circuit

The demand for excellent professional wireless alarm installation continues to increase in every city in England.

But what exactly are the reasons that could lead to the installation of this type of burglar alarm systems?


1- There are no charges on the electricity bill

Alarms with 100% wireless technology are not powered by electricity and therefore do not imply an increase in bill or energy consumption, unlike conventional wired systems.

It can be said that a minor drawback of wireless systems is that they run on batteries which need to be replaced if they run out.

This is true, but it’s also important to know that in the case of lithium batteries, the average lifespan is 5 years. Therefore, it is believed that replacement will occur at an infrequent frequency over time, with replacement and disposal of batteries usually taking place. carried out by factory technicians against theft. This way, customers don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy high-quality alarm security in peace.


2- No breakdowns and interruptions from short circuits and lightning strikes

Another important benefit is the independence of the various elements that make up a professional wireless intrusion alarm system. If a lightning strike or short circuit hits one of the elements, the problem does not affect the entire alarm system, but only the affected part, which can therefore be replaced by an operation that does not affect other parts of mechanical engineering. At the factory.

On the other hand, this disadvantage will arise with the wiring system, since in this case the various components are connected by wires which, in the event of a lightning strike or short circuit, will spread the damage throughout the anti-theft system.


Install a professional wireless alarm: convenience and protection even outdoors

3– No electrical preparation required

The installation of a wireless burglar system does not require electrical equipment, that is, laying on the walls of the pipe is useful for cable and cable lines connecting various elements of the system to the control unit. This is a huge advantage, especially in terms of installation operations that do not require the customer to bear the extra costs and masonry required in a wired system that sometimes requires the person to punch holes in walls and other operations.

This installation job requires the expense of additional money and time on the part of the customer, with an aesthetic result that often leaves something to be desired.



4- Possibility of disassembly and assembly in the new house

Professional wireless alarms never leave their owners: they sound like a cliché, but that’s about it. The arrangement of this system without cables and obstructions greatly facilitates the demolition and reassembly stages in another building. This is a much more common fact than you might think: just think of cases when someone installed the system at home and due to various circumstances, had to move a little later. The wireless anti-theft alarm allows disassembly regardless of the presence of cables or pipes, which significantly reduces the time and cost of reactivating the home alarm.



5- Security is also outdoors

With this innovative wireless system, you can protect your terraces, balconies and gardens more easily than ever. Externally mounted sensors communicate continuously with the control unit and report suspicious situations in a timely manner and without being obstructed by architectural obstructions.

Given all these economic and logistical advantages, it is normal to conclude that those who want maximum security for their home with maximum comfort and technology should not choose to install a professional wireless alarm.

A kind of independent system that allows users to stay calm both inside and outside the home.

Do you want your home/property remain safe from bugrlars?

Do you want your home/property remain safe from bugrlars?

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