Best pet friendly alarm system UK

Best pet friendly alarm system UK

Are you looking for the best pet friendly alarm system UK? If so, then look no further. We will show you how to find one that is right for your needs. You need a pet-friendly alarm to make sure your furry friend doesn’t get scared when it goes off in the middle of the night and also, to avoid having false alarm that could be triggered by pets. It’s important to have an alarm that will work even if pets are nearby because they can cause false alarms with traditional systems. These are just some of the reasons why our pet friendly alarms are perfect!


Why you need a pet friendly alarm system

why you need a pet friendly alarm system

A pet friendly alarm system is a perfect way to protect your home and your furry friends. Dogs are usually the most common pets in the household, but cats, hamsters, and even fish can be considered part of the family. It’s important for them to feel safe as well!

Besides that, having a pet friendly alarm system ensures that there won’t be any false alarm due to pets as in some alarm the sensors could be triggered if any pets are nearby. This is the main reason why pet friendly alarm system are needed.


The Best Pet Friendly Alarm System UK

As you can see, there are many great reasons to have a pet-friendly home security system. If you want to secure your home with wireless alarm system that are pet friendly, we have found some!

Below is a list of best pet friendly alarm systems.


1. ERA HomeGuard Pro

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ERA HomeGuard Pro is a smart wireless burglar alarm system that includes a control panel, motion sensor, glass break sensor and more. The ERA HomeGuard Pro can be expanded with the addition of door/window sensors, sirens and key fobs for added security. With the ERA HomeGuard Pro you have access to your home from anywhere at any time via your smartphone or tablet. You can also share access to others by giving them temporary or permanent access to your home from their own smart devices.

With features like text alerts, two-way voice communication via intercom, door sensors and motion detectors, pet friendly motion sensors and more, you’re never far from home when you have an ERA HomeGuard Pro Wireless Alarm System.


2. SimpliSafe

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SimpliSafe’s wireless home security system gives you the freedom to protect your home and family without a lengthy contract. With SimpliSafe, you can customize your alarm system and add new features as needed. SimpliSafe is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Nest devices so that you can control your alarm system from anywhere with voice commands or smartphone apps. It’s simple to install on your own, too!

Being a pet friendly alarm system, it could be your popular choice!


3. Yale Sync Smart Alarm

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Yale’s Sync alarm system is the perfect pet friendly smart alarm system for those looking to upgrade their home security without having to sign up to a long-term contract. The 200m range allows you to protect your shed and garage with one simple wireless system, while the two key fobs can arm or disarm your whole home in seconds.

The Yale alarm app allows you to control your alarm from anywhere, including out of town if you need to let someone into your house when you’re not there! You can also use it as part of an existing smart homeware system, such as Nest or Apple HomeKit.


4. JC Wireless GSM & WIFI Security Alarm System

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JC Wireless Security Alarm System is a home security system that has the capability to monitor your home 24/7. The alarm system can be monitored from anywhere using the app. It supports up to 99 defense zone. The alarm host is fully programmable and supports wireless sensors, PIR detector, door contacts, window contacts, water leak detectors and more. This smart security system is pet friendly and assures not to make false alarm upon pet confliction.


Things to consider before buying a pet friendly alarm system

Now, as you might have found your alarm system that is pet friendly, you might want to consider some things before purchasing such an alarm and they are:

1. Consider how many pets you have and what kind of pet friendly alarm system would be best for your home

2. Do some research on the different types of pet friendly alarms and find out which one is the best fit for your needs

3. Make sure to get a warranty with your new purchase, just in case any problems arise later on down the road

4. Think about if you want an audible or silent alarm – make sure it’s not too loud so that it doesn’t disturb neighbors but also make sure it’s loud enough to wake up anyone who might be sleeping inside

5. Find out if there are any local laws against certain types of alarms (i.e., barking dogs)

6. Determine whether or not you want a camera included in your alarm system; these cameras can help deter burglars by showing them they’re being watched 24/7

7. Think about what type of security system best matches your needs

8. Compare monthly monitoring rates from various providers, as well as installation costs

9. Decide if a wireless or hardwired system is right for you – both have their pros and cons



After considering all of these things, you should be able to find the best pet friendly alarm system that has everything you need for a good price. You can then install it in your home and rest easy knowing that both you and your pets are safe from any burglars or other intruders – no matter where they come from!

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