Wired Vs Wireless Alarm System

Wired Vs Wireless Alarm System- which one is better and why?

If you are thinking about wired vs wireless alarm system and which one you should choose, then this blog post is for you.

Two different alarm systems on the market are wired and wireless. With so many people debating which one is better, we decided to do a little research and find out which home security system offers more protection in case of an emergency.

It’s important to choose the best alarm system for your needs. Some people prefer wired burglar alarm, while others are more comfortable with wireless burglar alarm. This blog post will help you understand the pros and cons of each type so that you can make an informed decision about which is better for your security needs.


Wired Vs Wireless Alarm System

Do you want to be alerted if someone breaks into your home? If so, then investing in a wireless or wired alarm system is the perfect decision for you! These systems are designed to alert you of any break-ins. They work by detecting intruders and triggering an alarm when necessary. Some alarms use motion detectors while others use magnetic sensors. Either way these systems offer great protection at affordable prices!

Wired vs wireless alarm system? What is the best security alarm system? The truth is, there isn’t one that’s better than the other. It really just depends on what you’re looking for in an alarm system and your specific needs.

Hardwired alarms use a phone line or cable to connect to your alarm system control panel, while wireless alarms do not require any type of wiring.

So what are the differences between wired and wireless alarm systems? We’ll cover all the details and compare them to help you choose the best type of alarm system for your home.

Wired Alarm System

Man installing wired alarm system on the wall

Wired alarm systems are wired directly into the home’s electrical system. They use a hardwired connection to alert monitoring centers about any security issues that arise in your home. Wired alarms can be installed anywhere from single family homes, apartments and condos to commercial properties like offices or warehouses as long as there is access to an electric outlet.

Pros of Wired Alarm Systems:

  • Wired alarm system is affordable
  • Wired alarm system is easy to install, as it does not require any additional wiring or phone lines
  • Wired alarm systems are more reliable than wireless alarms because they use a hardwired connection for the sensors and control panel
  • The right wired alarm system will be able to integrate with your home security camera (if you have one) so that when an intruder triggers the sensor, your cameras can capture footage of them before they get away
  • A wired alarm system can also connect to smart devices in your house like locks or lights so that if someone breaks into your home at night, all of these things turn on automatically and scare off the intruder
  • If you live in an apartment building, a wired alarm system may be perfect for you because there are no monthly fees associated with this type of installation
  • You’re less likely to run out of battery power when using this type of system since it plugs into the wall so all sensors will work continuously until someone unplugs them at the circuit breaker box outside of your home or office building.


Cons of Wired Alarm Systems:

Hard wired alarms requires professional installation, which can be extra cost. Beside this:

  • Hardwired alarm systems require more space than wireless ones since you’ll need access outside by your circuit breaker box for installation and maintenance purposes.
  • You have to drill holes in the wall and run wires throughout your home for a wired system, which may make you prone to burglars because of how easy it is to spot them
  • There is a risk of getting electrocuted by the wire if it’s broken and touches water or another power source
  • There’s no way to remotely arm or disarm the alarm with a wired system
  • It’s difficult to move a wired security system from one house to another
  • Homeowners who want more than one level of protection might find it hard to integrate their wired system with other security features they already have installed such as cameras or motion sensors because the two systems cannot communicate with each other without additional equipment like a wireless bridge or keypad controller


Wireless Alarm System

Man clicking on wireless alarm system attached to the wall

A wireless alarm system is the perfect security solution for people who live in smaller homes or condos. Wireless home security systems are easy to install and don’t require an electrician’s assistance because they plug into your home’s power supply with a standard electrical outlet – no need for access outside by your circuit breaker box.

Pros of wireless alarm system:

  • Wireless home security systems are more affordable than traditional wired alarm systems
  • Installation is quick and easy – no need to run wires through your house
  • Remove the worry of forgetting to unplug an outdoor sensor, or running out of batteries in a wireless doorbell
  • No worries about messy wiring or drilling holes in walls for a new installation
  • The signal can go through walls and floors, so you don’t have to worry about it being blocked by furniture or other objects around your home
  • You can easily add on additional sensors later if needed
  • One of the best features of wireless alarms is that you will receive notifications on your phone if there’s an alarm going off at home
  • If you’re away from your house and want to know what’s happening at home all you have to do is open up the app on your phone and see what’s going on with a live feed from inside the house! (This may seem like a con but it really isn’t)


Cons of wireless alarm system:

  • Wireless alarm systems are not as secure as wired alarms because they can be disabled with a wireless device
  • Wireless alarm systems require batteries to work so you have to replace them every few months
  • Wireless alarm system is susceptible to interference from other devices, including cordless phones and microwaves
  • A wireless signal needs line-of-sight in order for it to transmit the signal, meaning that if your home has thick walls or there are trees blocking the view between your house and the receiver then this will reduce its effectiveness
  • The battery life of a wireless security system is much shorter than that of a wired one; most last about three years before needing replacement
  • If someone cuts off power supply in your house, then all alarms will stop working unless you’re using an uninterrupted power supply (UPS)


Wired vs Wireless Alarm System – Which One Is Better?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which alarm system is best for your home or office.

If it’s going in a basement or other area that is below ground level, for example, then the wireless option might be better because of all those wires running through the ceiling; but if your needs are more intensive (or you’re simply looking for something with plenty of features) then wired alarms may be worth considering too.

Wireless systems are easy to install- but they don’t deliver information as quickly when there is an emergency situation happening like their wired counterparts do. Wired systems can use existing wiring which makes them much easier to set up than their wireless counterpart though! In conclusion, wired alarms are a viable option when you have needs for an intensive home security system.



The wired vs wireless alarm system debate is one that definitely has its pros and cons! A wired alarm can be more expensive upfront but in the long run, might offer better protection because your sensors will send information to the central monitoring station faster than they would with a wireless set up- which means there’s no lag time waiting on important data about what’s happening at your house or office.

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