Police Tips For Home Security

Some Must Know Police Tips For Home Security That Are Effective!

You can never be too careful in today’s world. With all of the crime that is happening, it’s important to take necessary precautions for your home. Whether you’re looking into how to protect yourself from a burglar or just want ways to make your home more secure, this blog post offers some great police tips for home security to protect your home and family!


Police Tips For Home Security:

Here are some effective home security tips from Police that’d change your life!


1. Make sure you have a good alarm system and keep it on at all times

A good alarm system is the most important security measure for your home. Make sure you have one that will alert not only police, but also neighbors and emergency personnel including a fire department if need be. Police officers recommend using more than one type of warning device so burglars can’t just disable them all at once which makes it much harder to break in undetected.

Tip: some alarms are better at detecting motion while others detect vibration with sensors on walls or windows–it’s best to use both types! Some systems even come with cameras and video displays mounted outside the property as well such as right by doors, windows, or key entry points like garages or gates! This means no burglar can sneak up unnoticed and then enter your home with ease.


2. Keep your doors locked, even when you’re home

When you’re home, make sure to lock your door and windows—even if they aren’t facing the street. Thieves are often looking for easy access points like these when trying to break into homes.

Tip: keep interior doors closed or use a baby gate at the top of stairs so burglars can’t just walk in!


3. Install locks with security features on windows and sliding glass doors to prevent break-ins

Windows can be vulnerable to burglars, but they don’t have to be! If your home has windows and/or sliding glass doors, install locks with security features that require a key or code in addition to the window’s handle.

Tip: if you’re worried about staying warm during winter months (when it would be difficult for thieves to break through windows), consider installing an alarm system on those specific entry points instead of all of them. Burglars will still try these as well, so make sure there are other ways into your house too like back entrances!


4. Get a dog for protection that will alert you if someone is near your house or in the yard

A dog is a great form of protection for your home! They can sense someone coming before you would be able to, and will let out an alert. This gives you time to get into the house or call the police in case there’s been a break-in.

Tip: try getting one that doesn’t bark all day long as this may annoy neighbors too much.


5. Invest in an outdoor camera so you can see who’s coming up to your door before they get there

An outdoor camera is a great way to monitor your home from afar. This will give you time to make sure it’s someone that should be coming up to the door, and not an intruder!

Tip: if you’re going for WiFi-based security then purchase one with at least 720p resolution so you can see who’s outside clearly.

6. Have a neighbor watch over your house while you’re away – make sure they know what to do in case of emergency (e.g., call police)

Whether you can afford a home security system or not, having a neighbor watch over your house is the next best thing.

Tip: make sure they know what to do in case of emergency (e.g., call police). Make it clear that this person should not come into the property unless there’s an emergency.


7. Keep a dog that barks loudly or has a loud alarm system for protection

Dogs have been known to bark at anything new in the area but after getting used to the noises coming from your house, they’ll eventually stop barking – so don’t let this put you off! They’re still excellent home security guards even when they start getting lazy.

Tip: keep a dog that barks loudly or has a loud alarm system for protection, as these will act as an early warning to intruders.


8. Install security cameras around your house so you can see what’s going on in different areas of the house

Install security cameras to cover all areas of your home. This way, you’ll be able to see on the camera what’s going on in different parts of the house and will therefore have a better idea when it comes to securing any potential weak points that might cause problems for someone who wants to break into your property.

Tip: install security cameras around your house so you can see what’s going on in different areas of the house.


9. Change your locks every few years to keep people from picking them without much effort

Changing the locks every few years is a good way to make sure that people who want to break in won’t be able to do so with ease. This will require them to invest more time and effort into getting inside, which can help deter any potential burglars from your home.

Tip: change your locks every few years


10. Put up motion-sensing lights outside if it gets dark quickly after sunset

Motion-sensing lights are a great way to keep any would-be burglars away from your home. This is because the lights will automatically turn on if someone walks in front of it, which can scare off potential thieves and make them think that there’s someone around who could catch them.

Tip: put up motion-sensing security lights outside


11. Get an alarm system with a monitoring company to ensure that help is nearby if needed

An alarm system is one of the most important things to have when it comes to home security. This can help deter any burglars from coming onto your property and getting into your home because they’ll know that an alarm will sound if they try.

The alarm monitoring company is a necessary service for any home or business. In recent years, the number of burglaries and other crimes in the UK has skyrocketed. More than ever, it’s important to protect your family and property by installing an alarm system with a company like Plural Alarm. We provide our customers with peace of mind by providing reliable security 24/7 without breaking the bank. Click here to get a quick quote from us!


12. Self Installation Alarm System

If monitoring alarm company sounds expensive you can try DIY alarm system that works as effective as the professional monitoring alarm system. Here are some best home security systems that are reliable to protect your home and family.


Makes burglaries much easier? No, but it can still happen because as we all know someone could come up with the idea to disable or circumvent the alarms systems! This makes burglaries much harder. Police officers also recommend not putting windows on ground level such as living room windows due to safety reasons, though these might make your property seem very private and safe from outsiders who don’t live nearby–this isn’t always the case. The key to home security is to find a balance between safety and privacy that suits your needs best.

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