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If you press the SOS Panic Button, you will immediately get help from the Plural Alarms Receiving Centre. The Panic Alarm Button comes in handy in an emergency or when there is a security risk in your home or business premises. Every time you press the SOS button, our staff immediately activates silent listening mode and receives an image from the surveillance camera to check the situation and, if necessary, call the Guard Response.

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What is A Panic Alarm Button?

A panic alarm (PA) is a small, electronic device that is attached to the inside of a door.

When activated by pressure from someone inside against the door, it makes a loud, alarming sound which can be heard for blocks.

The PA sends out a distress signal which is picked up by monitors in the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

ARC then verify the situation via surveillance camera and listening to the audio.

And then they decide whether or not to alert the police and fire departments who respond immediately with sirens and guns drawn.


How Does A Panic Alarm Works?

The panic alarm has a button which is called "panic button". This panic button is typically attached to the inside of a door. When someone presses the panic button, it activates an alarm circuit which makes a loud, alarming sound.

The ARC will monitor the audio and video from your panic alarm button. If they hear you screaming, they will come to your aid. They can also see you on camera. In some cases, the ARC can send help even if they don't hear or see you screaming.

It is also important to know that the alarm is so noticeable, it can even be heard inside a house during a movie or TV show.


Importance of Shock Sensor Detector

People who have panic alarms will likely have fewer emergencies as they are more aware of their surroundings.

It is important for someone who suffers from panic attacks to be able to get help quickly when they feel an attack coming on.

Panic alarms can help prevent suicide. If someone is feeling suicidal, a person can use the panic alarm to summon help in case of a crisis.

It is also a great way to teach children about what to do in a crisis. Panic alarms can be a great way to teach children about the emergency procedures.

A panic alarm allows you to:

  • Call for help if you're being threatened, attacked or trapped

  • Send a silent alarm to help

  • Provide your loved ones with a means to call for help should you need it

  • Keep an eye on the situation while you take care of something else

  • Prevent yourself from getting into a dangerous situation


Who Needs to Use a Panic Alarm Button?

In contrast to home and car alarms, which are useful for everyone, a panic alarm is most often needed by those who live alone or who share their home with people they may not be able to trust. These people include the elderly, young children and those who suffer from mental illness.

A panic alarm is also useful for anyone who is prone to panic attacks or who has had one or more panic attacks in the recent past.

So, there are certain people who need to be taught to use their panic alarm buttons. These people include:

  • Shoppers who are experiencing an emotional emergency while at the mall

  • Hotel guests who are experiencing an emotional emergency (like a guest who is being threatened)

  • Nurses who are on duty and are experiencing an emotional emergency (like a nurse who is being threatened)

  • The elderly and the disabled who are experiencing an emotional emergency (like a parent who is concerned about an elderly or disabled child who is being abused or neglected)

  • Anyone who works in an environment where they could be harmed because of someone else's anger or rage (like a cashier at a retail store who is being harassed by a customer).



Weight 81 g
Dimensions 25x90x55 mm
(height x width x length)
Connectivity Wireless
Power 1 x CR123A Lithium Battery


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