What to Do if You Think Someone Is in Your House and You’re Home Alone

There is a person inside my house and I am home alone. They could be there for many reasons, but let’s assume they’re just trying to rob me, and they are currently in my house. What should I do?

It’s hard to imagine someone being at your home without you knowing, but it happens. If you think someone is inside your house while you are alone, here is what you can do to avoid being scared when you are alone.


Things to Do if You Think Someone Is in Your House and You Are Home Alone:

things to do when someone is in your house and you're home alone

First of all, call the police and tell them there is a possible intruder in your home. They may not be able to get here in time, but they may know someone who can. You might have to explain the situation to them to be sure they understand what you mean, but if they believe you, they should be able to figure out a way to send help your way.

If you think someone is still inside your house, try to lock all the doors and windows and put some furniture in front of the doors and windows. Make sure you are ready to fight back if you have to.

You can also look around your home and if you think someone is hiding somewhere, move furniture so you can see him better. Finally, make sure you stay calm. Don’t panic or scream and make noise, because it could scare the person away. If you want to get out of your home, use the door or window you locked earlier.


Additionally, call a neighbor to see if they are home. They may be able to come forward to help you.

Finally, lock the doors and windows. They won’t be able to get in while you’re still home, and they can’t get in if you’re home.

As for the intruder, they have to figure out if you’re home, and if so, how to get in. They will probably try to use the front door, but that may not be the easiest way to get in. If they are smart, they’ll be coming in through an unlocked window. Try to make sure that no windows are open when you lock them.

If you have a dog, make sure that they are safe in another room. Most dogs will be pretty scared of a stranger in their house. Make sure that they aren’t going to freak out and make it worse by barking.


Things Not to Do when You Are Home Alone and Someone Is in Your Home

So what should you do if you think someone is in your house but you are alone? What are the things that you shouldn’t do?

1. Don’t let the intruder know your position

First off, you shouldn’t run around the house screaming like crazy because you think someone is in your house. Because then the intruder may get alerted of your position and may try to harm you.

2. Don’t keep the door or window open

Don’t try to look through the window and don’t try to open the door. Wait for the police to arrive and if you see something, then point to where it is. The police will need to come in and investigate further.

3. Don’t be afraid

Finally, don’t be afraid. If there is someone in your house, they will eventually leave. You may never see them again but the best thing you can do is to stay calm and wait.


In Summary

The best thing to do if you think someone is in your home is to call the police immediately don’t try to approach the person yourself. It can be dangerous if the intruder is carrying weapon.

If you find yourself alone in a room with a stranger, it’s important to know where the exits are and how to get out safely. If you see someone coming towards you, quickly move into another room and lock the door behind you. Don’t panic, keep a level head and don’t open the door unless you’re sure it’s someone you know.


I hope you found this post useful and that you don’t ever have to be alone in your home



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