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8 Best Motion Sensor & Detector UK

With the rise of crime in our society, the idea of home security is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, modern technology has made it much easier to monitor your property, especially if you have burglar alarm system with motion sensor and detector.

A motion sensor and detector works well with a system of surveillance cameras to provide your home with complete coverage.

With the help of these sensors, you can turn your house into a safe place by keeping an eye on who’s coming or going from your home. You can use them on your windows and doors, as well as on outdoor lighting fixtures, too.


Best Motion Sensor & Detector of 2022

Below we will list out some of the popular motion sensor & detector. You will be able to see which one is the best and most reliable one for you.


1. Driveway Alarm

Driveway Alarm Motion Sensor

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The Driveway Alarm Wireless Weatherproof Motion Sensor is a wireless indoor/outdoor security system designed to monitor and protect your outdoor/indoor property. It uses a motion-detecting sensor that works with the Driveway Alarm Wireless Weatherproof Plug-In Receiver to send an alarm signal when movement is detected.

The sensor detects motion up to 50 feet away and sends the alarm signal to the receiver. This motion sensor features a weather resistant design, so it can work in any type of outdoor environment, from the coldest winter to the hottest summer.

The motion sensor is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, so it’s ideal for monitoring your driveway, garage, pool area, garden, and even your home. The sensor features two power settings (Low=35 ft; High=50 ft), ideal for driving and walking areas. When the sensor is activated, it will turn on the receiver in order to send an alarm signal.

In addition to providing protection for your property, the receiver’s integrated speaker allows you to use the system as an alarm system, making it a convenient choice for homeowners. If the receiver senses movement, the alarm is activated. The receiver can be used in a variety of locations, such as living rooms, bedrooms, garages, and entryways.

The Driveway Alarm Wireless Weatherproof Motion Sensor is a great security solution for your home and your outdoor property. The sensor will alert you to movement in your outdoor/indoor property, which will help you protect your home from intruders, burglars, and fire.

The motion sensor has an adjustable sensitivity level, so you can configure it to detect movement in your driveway, garage, pool area, and other areas.


2. Ring Alarm Motion Detector

Ring Alarm Motion Detector

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The Ring Alarm Motion Detector is a small, inconspicuous device designed to keep an eye on your home or office. With smart motion detection and Alexa connectivity, it provides real-time alerts when motion is detected in your home.

Smart motion detection settings let you choose what you want to be notified about, so you can ignore pets and visitors and only get alerts if someone is trying to break into your home. You can set the sensitivity level of your motion detector and adjust it based on the time of day.

The Ring Alarm Motion Detector can also notify you if your Ring Alarm Contact Sensor or Motion Detectors run out of battery.

The Ring Alarm Motion Detector is the perfect companion for your Ring Alarm. It requires a Ring Alarm Base Station, but it is compatible with both 1st and 2nd generation Ring Alarm devices.


3. deleyCON 1x

deleyCON 1x

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The deleyCON 1x offer you the perfect device for surveillance. It is designed for easy installation and optimal operation even in extreme weather conditions. The deleyCON 1x is a highly sophisticated device that can detect motion and light. Its built-in IR sensors work based on heat radiation from objects.

deleyCON 1x is a simple, compact, and reliable sensor that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Thanks to its adjustable ambient brightness, the deleyCON 1x will always find its way to light and dark zones. This device is perfect for home security. You can protect the room that you want to monitor, using this deleyCON 1x infrared motion sensor.

The deleyCON 1x is a very simple device that is easy to operate. You will only have to connect the deleyCON 1x to a power source, place it in the area you want to monitor and leave it there. If you need to adjust the angle of the deleyCON 1x, you can do so with the included screws.

If you want to install the deleyCON 1x in a window, it is possible to rotate and tilt it into different positions. The deleyCON  1x is a versatile device that you can use in many different ways.


4. Steinel Infrared Motion Sensor IS 1

Steinel Infrared Motion Sensor IS 1

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STEINEL Infrared Motion Sensor with IS 1 is a motion sensor that is specially designed to detect the movement of objects in a predefined area. With this motion sensor, you can set the detection zone to the size you want and determine whether you want to monitor only movement or sound as well.

This motion sensor is suitable for home surveillance as well as for outdoor monitoring. The STEINEL Infrared Motion Sensor with IS 1 features a 120° angle of coverage and a max. of 10 m reach. This motion detector also has a built-in IR light and is equipped with a high-quality, long-lasting battery.


5. SwitchBot Smart Motion Door Sensor

SwitchBot Smart Motion Door Sensor

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SwitchBot Smart Motion Door Sensor is an innovative smart device that detects human movements and turns on the lights automatically.

The SwitchBot Smart Motion Door Sensor helps you monitor the security of your home and keeps your loved ones safe, especially when you are away. Its long motion detection range ensures that it can sense and detect any movement in an area that covers up to almost 30 feet within 110° horizontally and 55° vertically.

You are also able to customize the sensitivity settings so that you are only alerted to movements that matter to you. Motion Sensor is easy to install and set up, and its flexible base can be inserted to the bottom and side. You can place it anywhere, thanks to its small and wireless design.

The included battery provides up to 3 years of power for round-the-clock security. Motion Sensor is compatible with other SwitchBot products and it can be set up in the SwitchBot app.

You can connect this sensor with Alexa which would trigger a welcome message if anyone enters the home.


6. HOSMART Motion Sensor & Detector

HOSMART Motion Sensor & Detector

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This HOSMART Motion Sensor & Detector is a wireless, high tech, outdoor driveway alarm.

It is a super long-lasting driveway alarm system that detects movement from humans, cars, and large animals.

This driveway alert system is extremely reliable and affordable for homes, businesses, and vacation properties. You can expand up to 4 sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your perimeter. The driveway alarm is a wireless motion detector and alarm system that is simple to install and operate.

It is a complete and secure solution for detecting intruders and animals in your driveway and yard. This driveway alarm wireless detection system can be installed at any time. It is the perfect solution for detecting unwanted visitors, monitoring the perimeter of your property, and providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.


7. Steinel Motion Detector IS 360-3

Steinel Motion Detector IS 360-3

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Steinel Motion Detector IS 360-3 is a smart, reliable, and affordable security system that is suitable for large areas. It has a wide viewing angle and is ideal for home and business use.

This infrared sensor has a 360° angle of detection and can be used to monitor areas of up to 12 meters in width. The IS 360-3 is the perfect choice for your home protection needs.

It offers reliable and high-quality monitoring of your home or office, as well as convenient installation. The IS 360-3 is designed with a sleek, modern style that complements your home’s interior décor.

You can place the IR sensor anywhere you want, including under a porch, on a deck, or on a garage door. All you have to do is adjust the lens cover.


8. deleyCON 4x Infrared Motion Detector

deleyCON 4x Infrared Motion Detector

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deleyCON 4x is an intelligent infrared motion detector that lets you keep track of the movement of people and animals in your home. It protects your household by alerting you to potential intruders, while providing the convenience of automatic switching.

This product uses deleyCON 4x infrared motion sensor, which detects movement in a 360 degree sphere and switches on/off devices in the detection area. The sensor is equipped with an adjustable brightness feature, making it suitable for different ambient lighting conditions.

The deleyCON 4x is a ceiling-mounted detector, so it is ideal for homes, offices, shops, factories and warehouses. The sensor has a range of up to 6 meters and has an IP20 protection class rating, so it is suitable for sensitive applications such as hospitals, warehouses, and schools.


What to Consider Before Buying a Motion Sensor & Detector?

Evidently, there are several factors that you need to consider before you buy a motion sensor. You need to be sure that the sensor is weatherproof and has a long-lasting battery. It should also be able to detect movement in your yard and driveway.

You should also check the frequency of the sensor. It should be able to detect motion in your yard and driveway within a certain range. This is because the sensor will detect the movement of people and animals in your yard and driveway.

Always read the user manual of the motion sensor and detector before purchasing it.

Remember to also consider the distance at which the sensor can detect movement. If you need a sensor that can detect movement within a distance of 1-6 meters, you can choose the deleyCON 4x Infrared Motion Detector.


Moreover, you should be able to choose from a wide range of motion sensors. You can choose from several types of sensors, including wireless, wired, and hardwired. This will ensure that you get the right motion sensor for your needs.



In brief, motion sensors are essential for home and business security. They can be used to monitor areas, detect the movement of people and animals, and protect your home or business from unwanted intruders.

While some motion sensors and detectors are wired, others are wireless. It is important to consider the type of motion sensor and detector that you want before you buy it.

We hope that this article has been useful for you. We recommend that you read more about security and alarm systems, as well as other related articles.



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